Monday, March 20, 2006

Nall Shuffles Off to Buffalo...Favre Back to GB?

For all Packer fans holding their collective breaths regarding the return of Brett the Great, there may be an early indicator in the departure of backup QB, Craig Nall. Nall signed a three-year deal with Buffalo on Sunday where he hopes to have a shot at the starter's job. As an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel states, "If Nall, who is close friends with Favre and recently went on a hunting trip with him, thought Favre was going to retire he might not have been so eager to find a job somewhere else." It would figure that had Nall believed -- or been told -- that Favre was going to retire he would have re-signed in Green Bay where he would have had a shot at starting. Apparently, he felt that was not going to happen this year. Which means...?

Don't write off ol' #4 just yet. Get him some receivers, a pair of guards, a running game, and a team that isn't decimated with injuries and last year will be just a distant memory.'s good to be a Packers fan!