Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pack Goes from 5 to 7...Draft Picks, That Is

The Packers moved from 5 to 7...not in terms of their pick in the first round of the 2006 draft, but in terms of the number of picks the Pack now has going into the draft. The team was relatively short on picks before being awarded 2 compensatory picks for losses in free agency last year. The Pack gets one fifth round pick and one seventh round pick. These were not as high as GM Ted Thompson had hoped for, especially given the departure of G Marco Rivera. But still, it does give Thompson 2 more picks, and Thompson is known for liking to stockpile picks. Whether he packages these additional picks to make trades, or uses them to move up or down in the draft, draft day will tell.

In other draft news -- at least mock draft news -- many of those which initially had DE Mario Williams coming to the Pack now instead have LB A. J. Hawk coming to the Pack. Most have Williams going higher than #5 given his outstanding workout at the NFL combine. Others seem to find that Hawk is a better fit for the Pack's needs at this point. Again...draft time will tell. Whether Williams or Hawk, the Pack only gets better on defense.