Monday, March 27, 2006

Davenport Back, Boerigter Signs, Flanagan & Fisher Gone

Some old news and some new news (is that redundant?).

The Packers' long-time center, Mike Flanagan, decided to stay close to former coach Mike Sherman and join the Texans last week. Sorry to see ya go, Flani. Not only were you a stalwart on the O-line, but your post-game interviews on The Packers Blitz (Ch. 6, Milwaukee) were often classics...especially if you'd apparently had an adult beverage beforehand. Reliable third-down back Tony Fisher decided to take a one-year offer from the Rams rather than return to GB. Thanks for what you did, Tony. But we can make do without you.

With Najeh Davenport deciding to stick with the Pack, the team actually retains three out of four of its most frequently used running backs: Ahman Green, William Henderson and now Davenport. Add Samkon Gado, Noah Herron and Vonta Leach -- along with whomever else the Pack may pick up in free agency and/or the draft -- and the running game should be good to go.

Looking to upgrade the wide receiver position, and get some insurance in case Javon "The Whiner" Walker decides to hold out, the Pack signed former KC Chief receiver Marc Boerigter. Boerigter is the type of big receiver that new Head Coach Mike McCarthy wants for his West Coast offense. He apparently had a very good workout with the Pack last week. Boerigter is coming off an ACL injury in 2004 which limited his play with KC last year. Coach McCarthy, however, was quoted as saying that sometimes it takes more than a year for a skill player to come back from that kind of injury. In other words, he has no worries about Boerigter's ability to contribute. Let's hope that Brett finds his new big target often...and deep.