Saturday, December 10, 2005


Interesting bit of info in today's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Given the emotional funk this season has put Packerland into, we tend to look for anything that might give us something to be proud of. Here it is: through 12 games, the Packers now have the number one rated pass defense in the entire NFL. Really. Go figure.

Through the first 7 games, the Pack ranked 18th...nothing spectacular. But in the last five games they have held opponents to just over 111 yards per game. They've not given up the big play. Al Harris, of course, has been playing at a Pro Bowl level. Unfortunately, playing on a 2-10 team doesn't get one the attention that is deserved.

While it's nice to be able to say the Pack is number one at something this year, we'd trade the number one pass defense for the number one spot in the division. Ah..the good ol' days.

Still, expect the Pack to keep it's top rating through Sunday night's game versus the Lions. I mean...c'mon...Garcia...Harrington...please.

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