Thursday, December 01, 2005

Calling number 6...number 6, please.

The Pack is about to play its sixth different halfback of the season. In this case, that would be newly-signed rookie Noah Herron, Northwestern's fifth leading rusher of all-time. The Packers grabbed him off the Steelers' practice squad and are putting him through a crash course in the offense. He ran some plays yesterday with the #1 offense. As it stands now, with Rashard Lee -- what else? -- possibly out with a rib injury, the only halfbacks on the roster are Samkon Gado and Tony Fisher. While Samkon ran for 100+ yards the last 2 out of 3 weeks, he's also fumbled 4 times in that same span. Fisher is primarily a third down back, and one still recovering from a rib injury at that. That doesn't leave much leeway in the event of yet another possible injury. And with the way this season has gone, you know it's only matter of time before Gado or Fisher get hurt

It's also possible that Herron might be used to return kickoffs. Given the problems the Packers have had in this area all year, along with the fact that Herron returned kicks in college, don't surprised to see him back returning on Sunday.

More on the upcoming game against da Bearz in a future post.

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