Sunday, December 11, 2005


Pack wins! Pack wins!! Pack wins!!!

A 16-13 overtime win over the Lions courtesy at least in part to a very strange endzone now-it's-a-safety now-it's-not play, a bonehead unnecessary roughness penalty in overtime by Shaun Rodgers, and Samkon Gado's continuing emergence as a bona fide NFL running back (and a record-setting rushing game for a Packers' rookie in the process)....oh, and some very bad goal-line play calling by the Lions and some tremendous redzone stands by the Packers defense.

This is the kind of game that the Packers could have just as easily lost, and which they have over the course of this miserable season.

But for at least this night -- one of only three in this season-to-forget -- let us rejoice and be glad. (OK, someone cue the Handel Messiah chorus please: "Hallelujah!" Repeat.)