Thursday, September 22, 2005

Good or bad? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

So the latest from the Packers' practice field is that CBs Joey Thomas and Ahmad Carroll sat out practice on Wednesday and may be out again today with injuries. Thomas apparently got a head injury in Sunday's game vs. Cleveland (perhaps when he dove to make the tackle on TE Heiden and wound up hitting nothing but the ground?), while Carroll came up with a groin pull early in practice.

So, both these young cornerbacks may be unavailable for this week's game vs. the Bucs. The question then for today, kids, is this: Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Discuss among yourselves.

Second-year guy Jason Horton and rookie Michael Hawkins both practiced with the #1 defensive unit. If Thomas and Carroll are unable to go Sunday Horton will probably get the nod given one more year's experience than Hawkins. Given that the Bucs will likely be running Cadillac Williams like a mule on Sunday one can only hope that an already questionable defensive backfield can at least perform no worse than it did on Sunday...which isn't saying much of anything at all, I realize.

Continuing with the injury theme, which seems to be ongoing for the team so far this year, the Pack re-signed Ben "Hands of" Steele to replace Bubba Franks if Bubba is unable to play because of the bruised knee suffered in last Sunday's game. Javon Walker was finally officially placed on injured reserve to open up the roster slot for Steele.

On the positive side, there is a good possibility LB Na'il Diggs will return for the game vs. Tampa Bay, replacing Paris Lenon. He is greatly needed, both as a player and a leader on the defensive side of the ball...hey, somebody's got to do it!!!