Friday, September 02, 2005

Last pre-season game? More of the same.

While the minds of some players might have been elsewhere given the effects of Hurricane Katrina, that certainly wasn't the case in the first 3 games. Yet, it was more of the same for the final game: inconsistent play (which could be attributed to the player rotations...or not), excessive penalties, and mediocre special teams play. The offensive line -- no matter which variation on the theme -- failed to open running lanes and, worse, failed to protect the quarterback. The starting defensive line, even with the return of DTs Jackson and Hunt, didn't do much. Linebackers, so-so. Defensive backs...will Ahmad Carroll EVER stop holding? If he is on the bench, yes. Joey Thompson deserves the starting nod. Several bright starts emerged among those fighting to make the final roster cuts. Brady Poppinga at LB seemed to be around the ball whenever he was in action, as did new pick up from Miami, Corey Jenkins. Rookie DE Michael Montgomery played aggressively, and Kenny Peterson showed flashes of power and quickness. CB Mike Hawkins was once again always where he needed to be to at least be in a position to make plays. On the other hand, CB Chris Johnson may have played himself out of a roster spot with blown coverage and a very stupid penalty on punt coverage. On offense, was it just me or did WR/KR Jamal Jone (#2) blow past the defensive back trying to cover him? All he needed to do was keep his feet in bounds for the best offensive play of the night. Speed though...speed...something for the Packer brass to keep in mind. And where has TE Sean McHugh been? Lining him up in his old college FB position as well as using him at TE instead of looking to perennially disappointing David Martin might be a better option for the future.

Decisions, decisions. The Pack needs to make 20+ roster cuts by the Sunday deadline. There will be some hard choices, which on the one hand is a good position to be in. On the other hand, some of those choices are not between great and great, but adequate and adequate. And if the wrong coin flip happens on those choices the overall result could just be the difference between making the playoffs and not...or worse, a winning season or not. It seems to be that kind of roster situation this year.