Sunday, August 28, 2005

Packers to Navies: "Shove off, matey!"

In perhaps one of the surprising cuts of recent memory, the Pack announced today that they had cut starting OLB Hannibal Navies. Navies had started for the Pack the last 2 seasons. Could this be a precursor of a starting nod to free agent Ray Thompson? Or rookie, Roy Manning, who has reportedly had a great training camp? Or is Paris Lenon finally getting his due? Na'il Diggs is the old man of the LB corp, with Lenon and Barnett the only other veterans now remaining. All other LBs still on the roster are rookies. Jim Bates must obviously be comfortable with trading speed for experience. In his defensive scheme, that certainly will be needed.

Other cuts include: 11-year veteran guard Matt O'Dwyer -- signed in the off-season to challenge for a starting O guard role replacing Marco Rivera -- as well as wide receiver Vince Butler, cornerback Patrick Dendy, linebacker Jeremiah Garrison, guard/tackle Atlas Herrion, tight end Tory Humphrey, running back Derrick Johnese, defensive tackle A.J. Lindsay, wide receiver Chad Lucas and defensive tackle Quintene Newhouse.