Friday, August 26, 2005

Klemm & Whitticker @ Guards?

Looking to replace long-time O Guards Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera, it looks like the Pack is about ready to settle on veteran Adrian Klemm at LG and 7th round pick Will Whitticker at RG. Tonight's game again the Pats will be the final testing ground for Whitticker who by all reports has had a great training camp and performed well in the other 2 preseason games. It appears that the O-line might be in better shape than thought before going into training camp. With Matt O'Dwyer and Scott Wells as capable backups, and Kevin Barry for the smash 'em-bash 'em formation, the Pack looks capable of holding their own...and perhaps even gelling into a fine unit in time. As Coach Sherman pointed out in his Thurs. 8/25 radio segment on WTMJ620 Radio, while people think that the prior starting 5 were together for 5 years and had this great chemistry as a result, all 5 actually were only on the field together for perhaps 1-1/2 years due to injuries to its various members. If Whitticker does pan out as coaches hope he will, he will be another in the line of great O-line 7th rounders, joining Mark Tauscher and Adam Timmerman as significant contributors to the ongoing success of the Pack.