Monday, August 29, 2005

DT help on the way?

With the question marks at the defensive tackle positions -- i.e., Grady Jackson and Cletidus Hunt -- the Pack is today auditioning veteran Bernard Holsey, who has been out of football for a year after being a starter at both tackle positions for the Redskins in 2003. The Redskins defensive line coach at the time is now first-year Packers' tackles coach, Robert that connection might be beneficial...if Holsey is fully recovered from the torn quad tendon which caused to miss all of last year. The catch, in addition to this injury and being out of the game for a year, is that at 31 years of age, Holsey would likely just be another stop-gap measure.

The Pack might also make a bold move and try to sign ex-Eagle, Corey Simon, who became a street free agent when the Eagles yanked their franchise player designation from him. It probably goes without saying that there will be a good deal of competition for his services. Certainly the Packers defense would be dramatically better with Simon in the mix rather than with the part-time play of Jackson and the non-existent play of Hunt. The only catch is how the Pack could structure the contract to stay under the salary cap and still deliver the boatload of dollars Simon is looking for.

Speaking of Hunt...on last night's "Packers Blitz" on Milwaukee's WITI Channel 6, Sports Director Tom Pippins, in a mini-editorial of sorts, called on the Packers to dump Cletidus. Pointing out the obvious to all but apparently Packers personnel staff, Pippins cited Hunt's attitude, lack of performance, and general dead-weight as a member of the team. Better to cut bait and eat the contract, and make a spot available for someone who wants to play in GB than continue to keep this guy as a member of the team. All in favor? Aye!!!