Sunday, November 26, 2017

2017 NFL Week 12: Packers vs. Steelers

OK, Packers fans...due to a variety of circumstances of interest to no one but yours truly, this post is being made only about 15 minutes before kickoff. As a result, we're going to do something different to save time and space: i.e., get to the point.

Tonight's game will not be pretty. The Steelers are 8-2 and the Packers are 5-5. Pittsburgh is a 14-point favorite. While the Packers defense has shown some signs of life, the offense under backup QB Brett Hundley is moribund (look it up).

The Prediction

So let's get to that aforementioned point. We're calling this one Packers 13 - Steelers 31.

We really hope we're wrong. Because if we're not, the Pack will have jumped the shark this season and we can start looking to the offseason.

With that...Go Pack Go!!!