Sunday, September 24, 2017

2017 NFL Week 3: Packers vs. Bengals

This is really pushing it, Packer fans. About 30 minutes before kickoff as I write this. Obligations this weekend precluded any earlier posting. So..apologies.

The Packers lost in disheartening fashion in Atlanta last weekend. After a defensive tour de force at home agains the Seahawks many fans saw the "D" revert to its NFC Championship game form. In short, oy.

Anyway, it's likely that today's game is just what the doctor ordered: the Cincinnati Bengals. They haven't scored a touchdown in two games, both at home. You know they have to break through at some point. You just hope it doesn't start in any major way today.

Our Prediction

The Packers are favored by 9 points. That should be the case. Plus more. Granted, the Packers are already banged up going into just the third week of the season. And a record may be set for the hottest game ever played at Lambeau Field. Yes, really. Not coldest. Hottest. So that will put extra stress on players. You never know who might cramp up at an inopportune time in the game, or who might not even be able to return. Hydration will be key today. As will the Packers offense playing to the level they are capable of, and the defense reprising their opening game effort.

We're calling this one Packers 31 - Bengals 9.

Go Pack Go!!!