Sunday, August 25, 2013

Packers release QB Graham Harrell, three others

Following what can only be described as an uninspired and disappointing training camp, including lackluster preseason game performances, Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Graham Harrell was released on Saturday, according to reports. Here's a video report from ESPN's Adam Schefter about the situation:

While there was apparently no doubts about the nature of Harrell as a great teammate and person, there were just too many ongoing doubts about him as the primary backup to Aaron Rodgers.

With veteran Vince Young brought into camp a month ago for competition, the pressure to perform was definitely turned up a notch. Harrell couldn't respond. It appears now that Young, by virtue of his work over the pass month and flashes of what he could do -- including leading an 80-yard touchdown drive Friday evening against the Seahawks -- was enough for the Packers to part ways with Harrell. B.J. Coleman likely will be the third quarterback, either stashed on the practice squad or on the regular roster but inactive on game days. It's also possible that the Packers will look for other veteran quarterbacks who will be released in upcoming days by other teams.

By the way, the fans voting in our backup quarterback poll more than a week ago (see righthand column) did a great job predicting how this would all shake out.

In addition to Harrell, reports indicate the Packers also released WR Justin Wilson, WR Omarius Hines, and college quarterback turned wide receiver, Alex Gillett (personally, this pundit felt that Gillett showed some ability and toughness...was hoping the Pack would try to place him on the practice squad).

Tuesday is the league-mandated deadline for teams trimming their rosters down to 75 players. We'll keep you posted as the Packers make their other cuts.