Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Packers logo, a musical history, and more

Did you ever wonder how the iconic Packers "G" logo came about? Wonder no longer, Packer fans and those who wish you were.

St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI -- which, by the way, has been home of the Packers' summer training camp for 55 years this summer (the longest continuous residence of any team anywhere) -- recently produced a brief video which tells the story.

It begins with then-St. Norbert College art student John Gordon and ends with the famous "G" logo. Mobile users can watch the video here.

Also, you'll find a link to St. Norbert College in our "Links" area in the righthand column of our home page. It's one of the top liberal arts colleges in the Midwest, some might argue the entire U.S. If you're visiting Green Bay for anything Packers related, be sure to drive a few miles south and check out the campus along the west bank of the Fox River. It's beautiful. And it's been part of Packers history for many, many years.

Packers History Set to Music. Wait...What???
It was bound to happen. As soon as the Packers Heritage Trail became a reality in the last year or so, somebody was going to get the bright idea to set Packers history to music. Well, OK, maybe it it wouldn't be the first thing to come to mind. But still, somebody eventually did think of it.

Courtesy of Let Me Be Frank Productions’ latest show, “The Packers Heritage Trail: Through Curly’s Eyes,” the audience travels back to the Packers 1932 season and the days of Curly Lambeau. As this article in the Green Bay Press-Gazette also notes, in addition to the show, Let Me Be Frank and C&M Marketing are putting together trolley tours of the Packers Heritage Trail hosted by one of the cast members. That could be fun. The show itself runs July 19 through Aug. 17 at the Meyer Theatre, 117 S. Washington St., Green Bay. Tickets are available via this link or by calling (920) 494-3401.

Desmond Bishop winds up in Minnesota
In the continuing line of Packers' castoffs who get gobbled up by the ViQueens in the hopes they can somehow win a Super Bowl (insert guffaw here), LB Desmond Bishop signed a deal with Minnesota recently. We wish Desmond the best. He was a good and hard-working player for the Pack and this writer, for one, wishes the Packers had hung on to him. Obviously, they made the decision that after his injury he might not be the player he once was. And considering the plethora of players the team has available at linebacker, they felt they could improve the situation by releasing him. So it goes in the business of football.

Anyone else here believe the Packers will make a return to the Super Bowl Champions stand before the ViQueens make it? Thought so.

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In conclusion...
Go Pack Go!!!