Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few updates at

Well, folks, we've implemented a few subtle site changes here at Yes, the general look you've become accustomed to and love (c'mon, admit it!) hasn't changed much. Still trying to keep it somewhat simple. The main area on the landing page is still devoted to our posts. In fact, you will now see that creatively titled "PackerFansUnited Posts" on the horizontal menu just about the most recent post. And the Privacy Policy is still there too; these pages were before listed at the very bottom of the righthand column, so you may not have even known that we have a privacy policy. Now you do.

Speaking of that righthand column, we did some reorganizing over there, moved some things around, removed some things, added some things. There's still our PackerFansUnited shop where you can get some really nifty (wait, did I just say "nifty"? Oh, man...) attire and gift items for yourself or others. Go take a look. You might be surprised to see all the goodies there and want to pick up something for yourself before we head into the start of the season. You'll also find our Twitter feed, latest headlines, links you might find of use, blogs and forums we suggest you check out, our blog archive (going back to 2005...yes, we've been doing this for the last eight years now!), as well as organizations to consider supporting.

One of the biggest new additions is our new PackerFansUnited Front Page, which is the second menu item just above the most recent post. This page will continually update with Packers and NFL news of interest, and perhaps a few other things that find their way in. Check it out. We think you'll like it.

Keep stopping back for our exceptionally insightful posts (if we do say so...and we do) and more. That's the only way we stay Packer Fans United!

Go Pack Go!!!