Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Packers shareholders meet, players arrive for camp

Some of the more than 300,000+ shareholders of the Green Bay Packers gathered together in the lovefest at Lambeau today otherwise known as the Annual Shareholders Meeting. No, not all of them. Just some of them. Still, Packers President Mark Murphy opined that it might well have been the largest corporate meeting ever held in the U.S.

Shareholders heard about Board and staff personnel changes, the financial report (noted in an earlier post here), and some generalities from GM Ted Thompson about the team of last year and what to look forward to this year...without going into much detail, of course...don't want to tip your hand, after all. But that's OK. Thompson's earned the right to play it as he sees it. One of the things he did say, however, was that the Packers would not be the youngest team in the league for the first time in what seems like forever. There are enough veterans, now even including the second-year players, who have made and will continue to make contributions; any impact by rookies will be gravy, so to speak.

Of course, players arrive tomorrow for check-in and check-ups as training camp resumes. Yay. Oh yay, indeed. Don't need to say anything other than that at the moment.

A unique remembrance of Lombardi
St. Norbert College in De Pere, just south of Green Bay, has hosted the Packers' training camp since the time of Lombardi. It has released a unique remembrance of St. Vince himself, focusing on the man as well as the coach, as told by one of the priests at the college who knew him well. Check it out here.