Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Packers in the green 'n' gold 'n' green

Yes, Packers fans, our favorite team raked in record revenues and profits during their last fiscal year, according to the financial report the team released yesterday.

The Packers reported more than $300 million in total revenue for the first time in the year following their Super Bowl win. The record profit of $43 million was the result of revenue increasing $19 million while expenses fell $12 million compared to the previous year. Considering that the entire operating profit from the prior year was just $12 million, well, it was a very good year indeed.

If you want more of the money details, and especially if you are a shareholder you certainly will (although there is no financial gain or return win or lose on the financial front for shareholders), check out the Packers own story here, or a more comprehensive look via the online Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

As the Packers prepare for the start of training camp in a few short weeks, it's great to know the team is in such great shape going forward. Great management, great coaching, a great stadium, and great players make for the greatest franchise in the heck, all of sports!

C'mon, say it with me: it's great to be a Packers fan!

(Were there too many "greats" in that last paragraph or so? Naaaaaaaahhhhh.)