Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rodgers raises big bucks

No, Green Bay Packers quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers hasn't gone into the business of raising deer as a way to subsidize his income during the NFL lockout. Rather, he was in Milwaukee last night as the guest of honor for a fundraiser for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund. Rodgers' buddy, former NFL QB and Super Bowl winner, and current ESPN analyst, Trent Dilfer was the host. And according to all reports, this was quite the event.

As an article in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the event notes, last year's event -- also with Rodgers -- had about 180 people in attendance. Not bad. Raised about $35,000. Also not bad.

But ya know, it's amazing what winning a Super Bowl can do.

Last night, nearly 700 people attended. According to late reports today on Milwaukee radio station 620WTMJ, the event raised approximately $225,000. Key to that effort, was apparently an auction of two dinner-related items with Aaron Rodgers as part of the package. According to radio reports, each of those went for about $45,000. That's definitely some "belt-worthy" action.

Yes. It's good to be king. And if you can't be king, be the leader of the Pack who also wins a Super Bowl.

If you want to read more of the details of this event, including some very insightful comments from Rodgers, you can do so here.