Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend...time to reflect

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is a time in the U.S. where most folks pause -- even if but for a moment -- to remember the sacrifices of prior and current generations to keep our country free. Usually, this focuses on military sacrifices. Certainly, this nation arose out of a revolution, was nearly torn apart by a civil war, and established itself as a world leader willing to fight for the cause of liberty anywhere in the world. I know, that fighting for peace thing often seems like an oxymoron. But even in certain religious/theological circles there is the notion of a "just war."

Anyway...this post isn't meant to digress into a treatise on national history or military actions. Rather, it's just intended to take a consider, particularly for those of us here in the U.S., the sacrifices of all who came before us to help make us the country we are today. We also need to remember and express our gratitude to our current service men and women for the sacrifices they and their families are making today, in a very different but equally threatening world. And we can also take a moment to give a nod to our ancestors for, most likely, taking the risk to come to this country at some point in time and make it their home. They survived and thrived one way or another. You and I are here because of their courage and hard work.

Peace will prevail. Let it begin with each of us.

NFL and Packers stuff
We'll get back to all-things Packers once there is actually something of note to talk about. The lockout still continues. The scuttlebutt seems to be that nothing much is going to happen until mid or late July. That's when panic will start to set in on owners and players alike. Waiting to the last minute to get something done is characteristically human. So, when faced with loss of real money through missed games, etc., that's when things will get done.

Football seems almost like a dim memory, doesn't it? Is it just me or did the Packers' Super Bowl win seem like it happened years ago instead of months ago? And will they be the most affected, least affected or won't this lockout really matter at all to the team as they gear up for a repeat as Super Bowl Champions? Time will tell. Certainly the rookies will likely be affected most negatively. Offenses will be out of synch for a while, with the upper hand going to the defenses initially.

In the meantime, the Packers will be receiving their Super Bowl rings at a private ceremony at Lambeau Field on June 16. The team had to receive special permission from the NFL to hold the ceremony as one of the conditions of the lockout is no contact between management and players except for charity events (such as the Packers' recently-completed trophy-tailgate tour throughout the state). The team still has yet to schedule the requisite visit to the White House for this same lockout condition.

So...enjoy your holiday weekend, Packers fans. We'll catch you again sometime soon.