Sunday, December 12, 2010

Packers vs. Lions Game Day

Yesterday's preview here indicated the obvious: that the Green Bay Packers will beat the Lions in Detroit today. Not that there isn't talent on the Lions team, because there is. Not that the players have quit on their head coach as Dallas and Minnesota did on their two now ex-head coaches, because they haven't. It's just that...well...the Packers have more talent in the key positions, more depth, and more incentive to win. The Packers need this game to keep pace in the race for the NFC North Division title and a playoff spot.

Refer to yesterday's post for more details on the game as I see it. While prognosticators seem to be split between those who think the Pack will win this game handily and those who think the Pack will win a close game much like the first meeting between the two teams, yours truly sees the Packers winning this one by a good margin. That's not to say it won't be a battle for a while. Especially if the Packers come out with one of their patented slow starts on offense. Still, the Packers needs this game and will win this game.

I'm calling this game Packers 38 - Lions 17.

Go Pack Go!!!

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(Just as an aside: isn't the collapse of the Metrodome roof in Minneapolis a good metaphor for the ViQueens' season? Sometimes it's just too too obvious, isn't it? Still, in a bizarre twist, Packer fans will wind up having to root for the 'Queens against the Giants...whenever and wherever it is that the league can reschedule the game.)