Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's official: Hell frozen over - Packers lose to Lions

The blizzard that blanketed the upper Midwest yesterday and today brought two things to light: Hell has frozen over and the Packers lost to the Detroit Lions. Actually, I think it was the second event that brought about the first.

In a game of epic futility and ineptitude, the Packers' offense could muster only a field goal all day long. While the offense was not clicking even when QB Aaron Rodgers was at the helm, the Pack's chances for a victory became even more suspect when he scrambled for a first down in the first half and failed to slide. Result? He took a shot to the back going down and wound up bouncing his head off the turf. He was immediately woozy. On the Packers' next offensive series, he was replaced by backup Matt Flynn and word spread quickly that Rodgers had a concussion and was done for the day.

This is Rodger's second concussion of the season, with his first coming in early October. This, to say the least, is not good. For Rodgers or the Packers. And the sad part is that Rodgers could have avoided it if he had just slid; he must have been absent for that training during quarterback school because he rarely does so. Perhaps if head coach Mike McCarthy starts fining him for every time he scrambles and doesn't slide maybe he'll start to get the hint. Rodgers' absence today, while not guaranteeing a Packers' loss to the lowly Lions, sure didn't help matters any on a day when the offense seemed totally lethargic.

In particular, the offensive line was beaten like a rented mule all day by the Lions' defensive front four. It was, simply put, a pathetic performance.

The Packers' defense, to its credit, only gave up 7 points which should make the Pack's high-powered offense a sure-fire winner. Except today. Three turnovers by the Packers' offense and the loss of Rodgers made a key division game yet another giveaway by the Packers. The Packers had previously had all four losses by 3 points; today, they lost by 4. Five losses by a combined total of 16 points.

This game severly hurt the Packers chances not only to win the NFC North but more importantly their chances for the playoffs. It's not a certainty yet, but the Packers did not take care of business today. Not even close. And that's what makes this loss so maddening.

If there is any silver lining right now it is that Da Bearz are getting whupped by the Patriots in Chicago 33-0 at halftime. So at least the Pack won't lose ground there. But they had an opportunity to gain ground and let it slip through their fingers.'s cold!!!