Sunday, October 03, 2010

Packers vs. Lions Preview

First, Packer fans, in the interest of full disclosure I offer the following: due to my own schedule this weekend, I'm writing this a few days ahead of time. So it's possible some things might change between now and noon Sunday. But one thing that won't change will be the outcome. The Green Bay Packers will take out a Monday night hangover on the Lions. It should be pointed out, by the way, that the Lions haven't beaten the Packers in Green Bay since before Brett Favre was the Pack's starting QB...and that's now two teams ago! (For the stat geeks out there, that would be 1991.)

Anyway, currently the spread has the Pack favored by 14.5 points. That's the biggest spread of the weekend, folks, and generally when things get that out of whack it doesn't pan out so well. But you just have to believe that after their disappointing showing in ChiTown Monday evening, and now back on home turf, the Pack will play like the team they are and take out their frustrations on the guys from MoTown.

There really aren't many phases of the game which favor Detroit. They have a good defensive line and a good rookie running back, but the latter is a bit hobbled with turf toe. Starting QB Matthew Stafford is still out and replacement Shaun Hill is the Lions equivalent of Trent Edwards. We already know how well he fared at Lambeau. Hill doesn't have the arm to allow the Lions to take advantage of some of their receivers' abilities. Bad for them, good for us.

Detroit, as I noted in my review of Da Bearz game, is just what the doctor ordered for the Pack to get back on track.

I'm calling this one 38-10 in favor of the Pack.

Go Pack Go!!!