Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kudos to Capers, the Packers' MacGyver

With a large chunk of the Green Bay Packers' defense lost to season-ending injuries (eight players now on IR) or game-to-game unavailability, the abilities of defensive coordinator Dom Capers have certainly been put to the test. Perhaps, as he even alludes, more than ever in his 25-year career in the NFL.

The fact that his defense was able to do what it did against the ViQueens on Sunday night is a testament to Capers and his assistants. When you look at who he had available to play the defensive line, as well as all the other make-dos he's had to make do with through the first seven games of the season, well, Capers seems to be holding the Packers "D" together in a very MacGyver-esque fashion. How long he can keep it working remains to be seen. With most of the key injuries on the defensive side of the roster, the fact remains that it has primarily been the misfirings of the Packers' offense and special teams, more so than the patchwork defense, that has led to the Pack's three losses.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a great article about Capers and the defensive challenges he's facing. It's a great read for any fan of the Pack and, for that matter, any fan of football. Check it out.