Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What the Favre? Part 22

In merely the 22nd installment (22nd?!!!) of our ongoing drama, What the Favre?, breaking news out of Minnesota is that Ol' #4 has returned to Minnesota for his 20th season in the NFL. Literally. His plane landed not long ago.

Former fellow Green Bay Packer, Ryan Longwell, and two other ViQueen shmoes flew to Mississippi yesterday to beg Brett to return...er...ask what his status was.

This is actually a good thing for Packer fans. Really. The Packers' defense now gets a do-over for letting Brett and the 'Queens sweep them last year. One great way to make sure this is in fact Favre's last season will be to send him away with two losses to the Pack. That will stick in his craw as long as he rides his lawn tractor in Hattiesburg...two losses to the Packers in the final season of his career.

I can almost see the tears now.

Go Pack Go!!!