Sunday, August 01, 2010

The pause that refreshes

Yes, that's an old Coca Cola ad slogan...which then got appropriated by some 1960's-70s types with a whole different meaning....but I digress...

You may wonder how, with Packers summer training camp now underway, that this slogan even comes into play. After all, the players and coaches have had their pause come to an end. Now it's a long haul through the season, the playoffs and, the Super Bowl. Yes, let's get on board that bandwagon!

Well, the players may have had their vacations come to an end for a while, but here at, we're going to take a little pause so that we can come back rarin' to go for the preseason games and beyond. We'll have to leave you in the capable hands of other bloggers and news outlets for Packers news for a bit. But you can always get the latest headlines here in the meantime in the creatively named "Latest Headlines" area in the righthand column; that's a continuously updated area that operates automatically (yeah!), so you can still feed your need for info while the regular blog is a bit irregular, so to speak.

Thanks for reading and helping make one of the more popular Packers blogs available. Keep checking in. We'll be kickin' it up a notch soon.

In the meantime...Go Pack Go!!!