Thursday, July 29, 2010

Packers shareholders meet today, players suit up Saturday

A few hours from now, Packers' shareholders will be gathering at the currently warm tundra of Lambeau Field for the annual shareholders meeting. Packers officials will present the financial report (not great, as previously reported here and elsewhere), talk about the state of the team, and so on. They will also hear from NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, who will also respond to questions submitted previously by shareholders. Should be an interesting session. Hope to provide follow up to that later today or tomorrow for you.

B & B signings?
In other team news, currently the only player on the Packers prospective roster not yet signed is first round draft pick Bryan Bulaga. Reports are, however, that he and the Pack are close to coming to terms on a contract. Bulaga Tweeted yesterday, if memory serves, that he was probably done playing golf for a while, which one would take to mean he's going to be on the practice field in Green Bay very soon. Perhaps, if reports are correct, in time for the team's first practice at 2 p.m. Saturday. That would be a great thing for not only Bulaga but the offensive line as it tries to assess whether Bulaga will be in the running for starting at left guard this season or whether he'll be groomed solely to replace venerable veteran Chad Clifton at left tackle when the time comes.

Safety Atari Bigby was reported on Tuesday to have finally agreed to his one-year tender offer. However, because of roster limitations the Packers have not yet apparently turned in the contract to the league office. When they do, and when Bulaga signs, the Packers will have to make a couple roster moves to get to the 80-man limit.

You can read more about the Bulaga and Bigby situations here.

Ad patches hit the unis
And now, coming to a practice jersey near you, advertising patches!

That's right, kids, the Packers finally caved to the demands of economic necessity over tradition (and when that happens even in Green Bay you know things are tough) and will be sporting an advertising patch on their practice jerseys this season. Two good things about that. First, it's a practice jersey, not something that will be worn on pre- or regular-season uniforms. Secondly, it's a local organization, Bellin Health, which is a major healthcare provider in the Packers neck of the woods and with which the Packers have partnered for a number of years. Bellin is the presenting sponsor for this summer's training camp, so a patch seems fitting, I suppose. For those on the lookout, the patch will be worn on the player's left side near the shoulder. As to the size, according to the Packers' director of marketing, it's tasteful. Ah, what's the's a practice jersey. And if you want to know more, read this.