Sunday, July 25, 2010

Packers' Rodgers can bring Lombardi Trophy back to GB

There's a great article by the always on-target Packers beat writer, Bob McGinn, in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. McGinn examines the situation with the Packers' quarterbacks focusing, not surprisingly, on starting QB Aaron Rodgers. The point which comes through loud and clear, if it didn't last season, is that Rodgers isn't the heir apparent to Ol' #4 any longer. He is now clearly Da Man. And not just with the Pack and its fans. Rodgers is now establishing himself as one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. And if he stays healthy, Rodgers could go a long way toward giving the Packers something that rarely comes along in the NFL: back-to-back premier QBs.

McGinn's article examines the history of Rodgers, his blossoming since taking over from Ol' #4, his strengths and weaknesses as seen by his offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and an unnamed personnel director for another NFC team, and the potential that lies ahead.

Oh, there's also a brief review of backup QB Matt Flynn. Bottom line there is that the Packers are so satisfied with his progress that once again they will likely go into the season with only Rodgers and Flynn on the active roster. No doubt they will try to find a third for the practice squad.

Rodgers is a confident, driven young player who went a long way last season to helping Packer fans forget...whatshisname. But as the article also points out, until Rodgers actually wins a playoff game, let alone a Super Bowl, he can be a very good QB...just not a great one. All the makings are there. And as the article also reminds us, "Two football writers from Sports Illustrated have placed the Packers atop their preseason power rankings. Pro Football Weekly did the same."

As we so often say here at, it's great to be a Packers fan!

You can read the entire Bob McGinn article here.