Thursday, September 26, 2019

NFL Week 3 Review of Packers Win vs Broncos, NFL Week 4 Preview vs Eagles — Yet another twofer!

With about 1 hour to go before the Green Bay Packers meet the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field tonight, we're once again in a time crunch. Sorry. Again.

So...for a quick review of last week's game, here it is: the Packers beat the Broncos, as we predicted. We had the 11 point differential correct, albeit slightly more conservative in our score than was the final. But the main thing is, the Pack went to 3-0 on the season to continue their lead of the NFC North. Yay!

Tonight's Game vs. Philly

In last season's game at Philadelphia, NT Kenny Clark chases down
Eagles QB Carson Wentz. He'll need to do so again tonight.

Photo: Jim Matthews / USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)
The Pack's offense is still searching to find itself. They've scored more points in each game than they did the prior week, so that would be a good trend to continue. But some of the receivers still aren't living up to expectations and the running game is somewhat hit and miss. The Pack's defense, on the other hand, has been dominating at times, particularly in the secondary, and generating turnovers which have led to points for the offense. That also would be a good trend to continue. But the Packers run defense is leaving something to be desired, giving up 198 yards against the ViQueens and 149 yards rushing against the Broncos That has to get tightened up.

So with only 3 days to prepare for this game, how much improvement on both sides of the ball can we expect? Well, probably not much. But at a quarter of the way through the season now, you hope that some of the things that need to start clicking finally will.

The Prediction

The Eagles, it is said, could just as well be 3-0 as well as the 1-2 at which they now find themselves. They have issues, too. If the Pack's defense hadn't been generating 8 turnovers through the first 3 games, they could just as easily be 1-2, as well. But ... not.

The home field advantage counts for a lot on a short week. The oddsmakers favor the Packers by 5.

We're calling it Packers 27 - Eagles 24.

Go Pack Go!!!

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