Sunday, November 11, 2018

2018 NFL Week 10: Packers vs. Dolphins Preview & Prediction

Here we are again, Packers fans, sitting here after another road loss, this time to the Patriots ... in yet another game where momentum was there for the taking and a Green Bay win ... except for (fill in the blank).

We've had a lot more of those fill-in-the-blank moments this season than we anticipated, or should have, particularly at the half-way mark for the Pack. Really, who would have thought that 8 games into the season the team would be a mediocre 3-4-1? Our preseason prediction basically had the Pack at 6-2 at this point. (On the other hand, we should have looked at the stat that came up just the other day that since 2015 the Packers are something along the lines of 30-25-1 ... you can look that for yourself if interested ... the point is, mediocre and "average" has been the Pack's mode of operation pretty much for the last 3+ years now despite having Aaron Rodgers at quarterback ... and that's not good.)

Packers AB Aaron Rodgers has been doing a lot of scrambling this season.
Photo: Charles Krup, AP

The offense still hasn't found any rhythm, Rodgers' knee injury -- sustained in the first game against Da Bearz -- has surely affected his performance in more ways than expected, the play calling by head coach Mike McCarthy has been very predictable, lack of commitment to the running game has limited the offense, and lack of ability to score touchdowns once in the red zone has been mind-numbing. On defense? Lack of a defensive pass rush has kept other teams on the field and making plays the Packers don't seem to be able to stop often enough, and downright stupid penalties on the defense and special teams have given opponents more yards and opportunities than they should have. It's a mess, really, isn't it? The team has been finding ways to shoot themselves in the foot, particularly on the road.


The good news is that the Pack plays at home today in the friendly confines of Lambeau Field against the 5-4 Miami Dolphins. And, believe it or not, in this series the Fish (OK, I know, Dolphins are not fish, but just go with it, will ya?) own the Packers 10-4. Who'da thunk it?

Now, given that Miami has seen the success the Rams and Patriots had with a no-huddle offense agains the Packers, we can expect to see more of that again today. The defense better be ready for that tempo. Brock Osweiler is getting the start for Miami today and certainly no Tom Brady or even Jared Goff, for that matter. While the Dolphins are pretty much an average team, as the record shows, regrettably, so are the Packers right now. Still...Rodgers vs. Osweiler? C'mon.

Given home field advantage, Rodgers vs. Osweiler, and an absolute need to get this win today (the Pack basically need to go no worse than 6-2 in their remaining 8 games to have a shot at a playoff spot), and the Packers being favored by 9-1/2 points at the time of this writing...

We're calling it Packers 31 - Dolphins 20.

Go Pack Go!!!