Saturday, December 05, 2015 Packers...WIN!!!

For nearly 60 minutes Thursday evening in Detroit, it was the worst of times for the Green Bay Packers. They went down by 17 points in the first quarter to the Lions and then were ultimately down 20-0 in the second half before staging one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent memory and, overall, the fourth-greatest points comeback in team history. Final score: 27-23 Packers over the Lions.
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and teammates celebrate a zero-seconds come-from-behind win at Detroit.
(Photo USATSI)

The winning score, as the entire football world now knows, came on an untimed "extra" down courtesy of a defensive penalty on the Lions with the clock reading zero. It was a "Hail Mary" pass of epic proportions -- 61 yards from scrimmage but about a million miles in terms of the arc on the pass -- from QB Aaron Rodgers to TE Richard Rodgers who made a leaping grab in the endzone to resurrect the Packers from their recent doldrums and send the Lions back to their den for yet another year thinking about what might have been.

The pass -- the Miracle in Motown -- has been discussed for the last day in terms of its scope. Not only for what it did to get the Packers to 8-4 and stay clearly in the NFC Division title and playoff hunt, but also in terms of just the pass itself. Check out the photo below for how close the arc of the pass came to actually hitting the rafters inside Ford Field. Amazing.

This photo above was clipped from a fan's cellphone video of the final play. You can view that video here. It's worth your time to check it out. Really amazing.

There was a lot of what has been typically wrong about the Packers for the last six games on display in this game, ever since the bye, particularly on offense. The defense, once again, kept the team in striking distance if only they could figure out a way to score.

Somehow, someway, the improbable -- the near-impossible -- happened. Perhaps it was just what this team needed to see them through this final stretch of four games. The team now has a few extra days to get healthy -- and they are definitely banged up, especially on the offensive line -- before taking on the Cowboys at Lambeau Field on Dec. 13. They then have back-to-back road games against the Raiders and the Cardinals, with the final game of the season at home against the ViQueens...a game which might very well be for the division title.

Go Pack Go!!!

Lacy missed curfew, Smith cut, Crockett gets opportunity

The big news coming out on Friday was that the reason RB Eddie Lacy didn't get the start and didn't see more than a handful of snaps was because he and fellow RB Alonzo Smith missed curfew Wednesday night. The result for Smith was worse than for Lacy: he got cut with no chance of return according to reports out today.

The situation opened an opportunity for practice squad RB John Crockett to get a chance. He did. He was signed to the active roster three hours before game time. He started the second half of Thursday's game and injected some energy into what had been up to that point a moribund rushing game.

Will the Packers keep three running backs (including James Starks) active for the remaining games? We'll have to see. Whether Lacy emerges from the doghouse he seems to have put himself in, only time will tell.
Packers RB John Crockett made the most of his first NFL opportunity Thursday night against the Lions.
(Photo by Mark Hoffmann, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Voice of the Packers, Wayne Larrivee, had said in post-game comments that Crockett had been playing the part of ViQueens RB Adrian Peterson on the scout team during the Packers build up to the game against Minnesota. He was running hard and really showing great ability during those practices. Crockett has obviously made a positive impression on head coach Mike McCarthy: "I'll just say, it just puts a smile on my face when I think of Crockett," McCarthy is quoted as saying. "You come off the field here at Lambeau, he's the first guy in the tunnel, greets the team. He's got unbelievable energy." For more about Crockett, be sure to check out this great article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Tom Silverstein.

Personally, this writer liked Crockett coming out of college as an undrafted free agent. He may finally get his chance to show what he can do to help the Packers this season and beyond.