Sunday, October 04, 2015

Packers vs 49ers NFL Week 4 Preview and Prediction

Today's the day, Packer fans, when we learn if the Green Bay Packers have really turned the corner on their two recent nemisises. We know they cleared one hurdle in the win at Lambeau Field over the Seattle Seahawks in the second week of the season; now, we find out if they will finally get past the Colin Kaepernick-led San Francisco 49ers.
Veteran receiver James Jones and rookie tight end Ty Montgomery hope to be celebrating a lot in today's game against the 49ers.
Photo by Rick Wood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Here's what we know
The Packers are 3-0 and the Niners are 1-2. We know that the Packers were 8-1/2-point favorites earlier in the week with the line now at 7-1/2 points. Big whup. Total points projected for this game are 48, the largest set for any game this weekend. One would expect that most of that figure comes by way of the Packers. That's because the scoring for and against each of these teams is quite revealing. The Packers have scored 96 points and allowed 68 over the course of the first three weeks of the 2015 season; the 49ers, on the other hand, have scored 45 while giving up 93.

These numbers sometimes don't mean much. But in this case, I think we can rightly say that as regards the Packers it is a good reflection of how hot the Pack's offense is at the moment behind a clearly dominant quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, as well as how surprisingly good the defense and special teams have also been this season. While still a work in progress, those two units also deserve a lot of credit for the Packers' success so far this season.

As regards the Niners, the points for and against reflect a team with problems on both sides of the ball. These are not the same Niners that have beat the Packers four straight times. Colin Kaepernick had probably his worst game as a pro last week against the Cardinals, getting picked off four times in a blow-out loss. Still, we know what his legs have done and can do against the Packers. Plus, he'll be looking to have a big game resurrection against a team that he's typically been able to have big games against. The Packers will have to hold him in check the way they did Russell Wilson in week two. San Fran does have capable receivers, so if the pass rush doesn't get to Kaepernick, as well as contain him, the Niners will have their scoring opportunities. Defensively, it's not the same group that often caused problems for the Pack in the past either. The Packers offensive line has given up just three sacks in the first three games of the season. They should hold their own once again against whatever the 49ers can bring. A mobile Aaron Rodgers is a dangerous thing for defenses to contend with. Yay for our side.

Our prediction
This is a game in which the better team will exert itself and come away with the win. Who do you think that is? Ten points for you if said "Packers." (Save up those reward points, kids. Not for anything, though, other than the pure joy of you being right. That's a good enough reward, isn't it? Glad you agree.)

We're calling this game in favor of the Packers, 41-24.

Go Pack Go!!!

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