Saturday, April 25, 2015

Packers 2015 NFL 1st Round Draft Possibilities

With the 2015 NFL draft now less than a week away -- heck, a week from right now we'll already know the early round picks of the Packers -- we should take a quick look at who some of the mock drafts say the Packers will pick in the first round. It's always fun speculation. But really, does anyone really know the mind of GM Ted Thompson? C'mon. So take this as just an overview of what might happen. And as far as projecting Rounds 2-7...really? Really??? Might as well throw darts at names on the wall. Which, judging by how some teams actually draft, is as good an approach as any, apparently.

The Pack's picks by round: 1st - 30; 2nd - 62; 3rd - 94; 4th - 129; 5 - 166; 6 - 205, 210*, 212*; 7 - 247 (* - compensatory picks, which cannot be dealt).

Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson

Mock Draft Possibilities
A review of a variety of sources has the following players as possible Packers' picks for the early rounds of the draft.

Round 1 - Thursday, April 30Our take...not our pick
What's our take on all these wonderful possibilities? We tend to agree with many of the mocks that acknowledge the Packers' need for inside linebacker help -- especially after the release of A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones -- but think there will be opportunities there for the Packers in the 2nd round. With Tramon Williams and Davon House no longer in the defensive backfield, a good young cornerback is just what the doctor ordered to help bolster that part of the defense. Yes, the Packers need linebacker help and could also use some help on the defensive line, as well, despite the re-signing of B.J. Raji and Letroy Guion. But value at cornerback in the first round should be enough to get Thompson to pull the trigger on one of the aforementioned cornerback prospects.

On the other hand, if Thompson thinks one of those players might still be available a few picks down the road, we can well imagine him trading down for a second round selection, somewhere between 40-50, so he can perhaps pick up an additional pick or two later on. He's done it before. You know he'll do it again. Whether the Packers have a definite selection they really want, or whether they can roll with the flow a bit, we'll have to wait to see.

We'll be back with more in the coming days about the draft. Stay tuned...

Go Pack Go!!!