Monday, November 10, 2014

Packers help Bears hit rock bottom

We were both right and wrong in our preview and prediction of Sunday night's game at Lambeau Field between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. We were right in projecting the Packers to win. We were right in suggesting the Bears QB Jay Cutler is a veritable head case when it comes to playing the Packers. We were right in predicting a point total of at least 55 points. We were wrong in not projecting that the Pack alone would score 55 points. We were also wrong in thinking that Da Bearz would care about playing a football game. We were wrong about Da Bearz, giving them far too much credit.

While we certainly rejoiced in this thorough 55-14 beat-down of Chicago, a victory of epic proportions in the long history of the oldest rivalry in the NFL, you almost had to feel a bit sad for how far this once proud Chicago franchise seems to have fallen, especially this season. Almost.

But back to the Packers.

QB Aaron Rodgers tied Daryl Lamonica's NFL-record six first-half touchdowns. Combine great play by Rodgers, his offensive line and his receivers (including RB Eddie Lacy) with a flat-out give-up performance by Chicago's defense, and the rout was on early. Randall Cobb was quoted after the game as saying that the feeling going into the game was that if the Pack could get up early the Bears would essentially lay down. The Packers did their part to make that happen and, as a result, so did Da Bearz.

The Packers defense also seemed to be playing at a higher level than usual. Whether that was the brilliant and successful move -- at least on this night -- of linebacker Clay Matthews from the outside to the inside or the apparently stirring pre-game locker room speech to the team by veteran and former Bear, Julius Peppers, we may never know. Let's also not forget the return of Morgan Burnett to the secondary.

But the question for the moment is: are the Packers really this good or Da Bearz this bad?
Given how bad Chicago was last evening, with no passion in their play or performance and a typical horror show by QB Jay Cutler (now 1-11 against the Pack, and O-4 at Lambeau Field), we really don't know if the Packers have finally put it together on both offense and defense. We'll get a glimpse this coming Sunday afternoon when the Eagles come to Green Bay. Lest we forget, the Eagles played at Lambeau last season and went home with a victory. We'll take a closer look at this upcoming game later this week, so please check back for updates.

Until then, Packer fans, just revel in the win last evening. Take pity on your poor Bear fan friends and family members. They're embarrassed for their team. All we can hope for on our end, despite that, is that the organizational ineptitude which has gripped Da Bearz for the last two decades continues. Let's hope they keep trotting out the gift that keeps on giving: Jay Cutler. As long as he's at the helm -- and after having just given him a boatload of money to be their main man, he will be for a long time -- the Packers will be in great shape.