Thursday, September 04, 2014

Packers Season Prediction

Folks usually do a game-by-game set of predictions. Not here. Instead, we break the season down to four quarters, much like a football (football!!!) game itself. We think that gives a better look at reality...or what will hopefully be reality when it's all said and done. It also follows an approach which many coaches, including Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy, use in looking at a season's schedule.

1st Quarter Overview: The Packers play only one home game during this first quarter of the season, certainly not what one would hope for, especially given back-to-back away games versus two division opponents. But it is what it is and it will be balanced off later in the season. In addition to the Seahawks, the Packers play the Jets at home, and then away at Detroit and at Chicago.

Prediction: We're calling this stretch at 2-2.

2nd Quarter Overview: The Packers alternate two away games and two home games in this stretch leading up to their bye in Week 9: Minnesota at home, Miami away, Carolina at home, Saints away.

Prediction: This stretch will see the Packers go 3-1.

Week 9: Bye

3rd Quarter Overview: The Packers play three out of four at home in this portion of the season: Chicago and Philadelphia at home, followed by a trip to Minnesota, and then New England back at Lambeau Field.

Prediction: The Packers will again go 3-1 in this stretch.

4th Quarter Overview: The Packers begin and end these final four games of the regular season at home, with back-to-back away games in-between at Buffalo and Tampa Bay.

Prediction: The Pack will finish strong here, going 4-0 and well positioned to make a run in the playoffs.

Overall Season Prediction: Given the above, we see the Packers going 12-4 and winning the NFC North.

It all starts tonight in Seattle. Go Pack Go!!!

A different take on who's got the edge
By the way, new research from STATS and Wahl just might indicate which team will come out on top, beginning with tonight's game. The study, believe it or not, indicates players with facial hair perform better than their clean-shaven counterparts. So who’s got the edge tonight? The Packers… by a whisker (pun intended). Check out the infographic below for the “hairy details.”