Monday, March 24, 2014

Packers get two compensatory picks

Today was the day that the NFL in its generosity handed out -- assigned, actually -- compensatory draft picks to teams who lost players in free agency last season. The Packers got an additional third round pick for Greg Jennings and another fifth round pick for Erik Walden.

Here's how the Packers go into the upcoming NFL Draft:
  • R1: 21
  • R2: 53
  • R3: 85
  • R3: 98 (comp)
  • R4: 121
  • R5: 161
  • R5: 176 (comp)
  • R6: 197
  • R7: 236
You can see the full draft order here.

Now, we all know that "Trader Ted" Thompson likes to move around and pick up more picks, if possible. That usually involves trading down somewhere along the way. There's been some speculation, because of the depth of the draft, that the Packers might trade out of the #21 position. It's possible that Thompson might move down a few spots to pick up an additional draft choice if he feels he can meet his needs with one of the players high on their draft board. I think it's equally likely that if "the guy" is there they want Thompson will select at #21 and then worry about other moves later. Time will tell.

In a related note, it now turns out that with compensatory picks included, the 49ers now have six picks in the top 100. The rich get richer.

Don't you just love that we're really starting to get into football talk again, Packer fans? Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

Go Pack Go!!!