Monday, October 28, 2013

Packers stomp Vikings, 44-31

It was, quite simply, a beat down of the woeful Minnesota Vikings by the ascending Green Bay Packers. It was a game of domination by the Packers on both sides of the ball. But don't just take my word for it. Look at the facts:
  • Fact: the Packers possessed the ball for more than 40 minutes of the game.
  • Fact: the Packers scored on every possession with the exception of the last, when QB Aaron Rodgers took a knee a few times in victory formation to run out the clock.
  • Fact: Aaron Rodgers can make even practice squad receivers look good.
  • Fact: Running backs Eddie Lacy and James Starks provide a powerful and explosive one-two punch of a rushing attack.
  • Fact: LT David Bakhtiari made ViQueen DE Jared Allen a non-factor all evening; Allen is nowhere to be seen in the defensive stats -- no tackles, no sacks, no pressures...nada.
  • Fact: The Packers defense held last year's league MVP, 'Queens RB Adrian Peterson, to just 60 yards on 13 carries, roughly half his typical career average against the Pack.
  • Fact: Cornerback and returner Micah Hyde makes himself more valuable to this team every game; in this game he had a 93-yard punt return for a touchdown.
  • Fact: The Packers defense, despite so many injuries, is pretty darn good (although they tend to let up on the peddle late in the game and give up garbage points).
  • Fact: Jordy Nelson has to be the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL.
  • Fact: 'Queens WR Greg Jennings -- after an offseason full of trash-talking about his former team, teammates and QB -- had one reception for nine yards.
  • Fact: Greg Jennings is starting to realize that you're only a "receiver" if you have someone who can actually throw you the a quarterback. We can assume Jennings' post-game suck-up to Rodgers was very much a serving of humble pie for Mr. Jennings.
  • Fact: There is a textual error in the Rodgers image you see it? (Extra reward points if you do!)
We could go on and on and on. But anyone who watched or listened to the game already knows what went down. That would be the ViQueens...big time.

Da Bearz are coming to Lambeau

Next up for the Packers Monday evening: Da Bearz. Who, while not in as bad a world of hurt as the 'Queens are at present, still are...not good. QB Jay Cutler is out, LB Lance Briggs is out...they have problems. Still, it's certainly no walk-over for the Pack. But if the Packers play the way they did last night, they can stay with any team, and put most away. We'll have more on the Packers vs. Da Bearz later in the week and as game time approaches.

Until then...just really savor this delicious win, Packer fans. And...Go Pack Go!!!