Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So...Packers lost to Colts. Wait...what???

I know this is old news. Really old news. As in at least three days old. Yawn.

But I was traveling. Didn't even get a chance to watch the game. Which was probably a good thing. If there had been a gas oven nearby I met have just stuck my head in and ended it all right then and there.

Yes, it was that bad. (And, yes, we sports fans tend to fall into hyperbole and overreaction at times. So it goes.)

The Green Bay Packers -- in one of their worst second-half collapses in recent memory -- lost to the Indianapolis Colts, 30-27, on Sunday. Leading 21-3 at halftime, both the Packers' offensive and defensive units were a no-show after halftime. And usually steady kicker Mason Crosby choked not once but twice when it really mattered; making just one of his two field goals would have put the game into overtime. But let's be honest: when you're ahead 21-3 at halftime it should never come down to a last second kick to get you into overtime.

Granted, they lost running back Cedric Benson to a foot injury; he was today placed on the Injured Reserve Return list...or whatever they call it now. This was part of the last collective bargaining agreement. Basically, he's not lost for the season, at least, not yet. He can, theoretically, begin practicing after six weeks and return to play after eight weeks. That's assuming Benson can actually do both. Remains to be seen with the type of injury he has sustained.

The Packers also lost B.J. Raji and Jermichael Finley. Those absences were felt, but should have been overcome. They weren't.

Sitting at 2-3 heading into Houston for a match against the 5-0 Texans, the Pack is in a world of hurt right now, beyond just the injuries. They are two games behind Da Bearz and ViQueens. Who would have thunk it?

The Packers are 4-4 in their last 8 games. Something is not right, and it didn't just start this season. But whatever it is, coaches and players better get it figured out fast or any hope of even making the playoffs will be slipping away faster than you can say "Jay Cutler is a whiny prima donna."

The Packers are far too talented of a team to be playing as poorly as they are. They don't have long to get their collective act together. The odds are not in their favor this Sunday evening...literally: the Texans are currently listed as 3.5 point favorites. Given the defensive pressure the Texans can bring, and the problem the Packers' offensive line has had even with inferior defenders, it doesn't bode well, quite frankly. I hope I turn out to be as wrong about that as I was about my prediction for the last game.