Monday, September 24, 2012

Packers get beat by NFL replacement refs

In a game the announcers and pundits and retired referee commentators all agree the Packers won, the Pack lost due to several horrible calls by the replacement refs, but one in particular: the final Hail Mary pass by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Golden Tate pushed off a defender in the endzone -- offensive pass interference, not called -- and the jump ball was caught by DB M.D. Jennings. He clearly had possession of the ball. Everyone agreed, at least those on TV and watching TV. Unfortunately the not-ready-for-primetime refs somehow, called it a touchdown for Seattle. Even after reviewing the play, the call was the same. Unbelievable.

Final score, 14-12 Seahawks.

It is one of the most horrendous ends to a game that many commentators have said they have ever seen.

The NFL's lockout of the regular officials has had many negatives so far in this early season. However, none has been as bad as this. And not just because I'm a Packers fan. I would be saying this regardless of team. Any team that had victory taken away from them like this should be thoroughly disgusted with the league at this point.

Fans, if not the team owners themselves, need to call, write, Tweet, fax, etc. the NFL Commissioners office. This is ridiculous.

These replacement refs cost the Packers the game. Plain and simple.

There will be more forthcoming here and elsewhere about this bogus finish. Horrible. Horrible.