Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From 90 to 53: how the Packers might get there

I wish, Packer fans, that I had the insights that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packers beat writer par excellence, Bob McGinn, brings to the table. I wish I had his job. Heck, I just wish I got paid to write about the Packers, period. But alas...such is not the case.

Still, we can be thankful that McGinn shares his rich expertise with us. Today, he serves up an early "what if" type scenario in terms of the final 53-man roster with which the Pack may go into the 2012 regular season. Across each of the team areas, he indicates the players who he feels are locks at their positions (25), good bets (10 or more), on the fence (31) and long shots (24). To be honest, I don't even recognize yet some of these names and a good many will be long gone before we even had a chance to know they were there.

As for my take on McGinn's choices amongst each category, a few surprises for me on his "On the fence" list:
  • WR Donald Driver
  • TE Tom Crabtree
  • T Derek Sherrod
  • OLB-ILB Brad Jones
  • CB Davon House
  • CB Sam Shields
  • DE C.J. Wilson
  • DE Jarius Wynn

See what you think of McGinn's take on things. He's one of the best football writers in the country. His overview of the Packers' potential roster is worth a read. You can do so here.