Sunday, January 01, 2012

Packers outlast Lions 45-41 in season finale

Wow! What a game. In a game that seemed to take forever to complete, the Green Bay Packers beat the Detroit Lions in a record-setting game, 45-41, to finish the regular season 15-1.

For the first time ever, an NFC North team swept the division. That would be the Packers. Also for the first time ever, a Packers quarterback threw for more than 400 yards (480 to be exact) and 6 the way, that would be backup QB Matt Flynn who started and played the entire game (Aaron Rodgers was held out and wasn't even active today). Not a bad way to audition for more than a few teams in need of a quality starting QB next season.

WR Jordy Nelson also moved into third place today behind Sterling Sharp and Don Hutson with 15 TD catches on the season; Sharp had 18 and Hutson 17. Pretty good company to keep.

Combined, the Packers and Lions generated more than 1,000 yards of offense and 11 touchdowns. Yowza.

The Packers were once again able to generate turnovers and convert them into points. But once again the defense was also gashed. Guess we should be used to that by now.

Anyway, the Packers can now take a week off before learning who the first team to meet them in the playoffs will be. Seven players were rested today for the Pack. The first playoff game should be a doozy.

Maybe I'll post more on this tomorrow...if there's anything new to say. This was a game, because it was seen as not having much to play for for the Packers, that was only seen by a small regional TV audience. Too bad. If you missed seeing it, you missed one of the great performances ever by a Packers quarterback. Just hope Flynn doesn't sign with a divisional opponent. Would hate to have to play this guy twice a year.