Monday, October 24, 2011

Packers beat Vikes to go to 7-0

The Green Bay Packers used a few spurts of dominating football over the hapless Minnesota Vikings Sunday to win their seventh straight game. Going back to last season, the Pack has now won 13 in a row. For those counting, this was the Packers 700th win as a franchise; only Da Bearz have more (725). And for those wondering when the last time was that the Pack started 7-0, it was 1962...also coming off a championship run.

Yesterday again showed how dominating the Packers can be when they have their offensive weapons firing on all cylinders. QB Aaron Rodgers was lights-out good, particularly early when he had 12 (?) consecutive completed passes. The first three incompletes registered were two drops and a spike. He threw for three TDs. Rodgers became the first player in NFL history to have seven straight games with a passer rating of 110 or more. Yowza!

Let's also not forget the two -- and nearly three -- interceptions by Charles Woodson, the late game running (6 carries for 55 yards) heroics of Jame Starks to help run out the clock on the Pack's last possession, and Mason Crosby's four-for-four on field goals, including his franchise record 58-yarder.

The defense gave up 175 yards on 24 carries to RB Adrian Peterson, who everyone knew coming in was going to get the ball a lot. He did and he ran with authority, giving Packer defenders fits most of the day. And while the rookie QB, Christian Ponder, acquitted himself fairly well in his first start, he also made rookie mistakes that helped aid the Packers in their win. We'll take it.

There are certainly areas for improvement on the Packers. Going into the break, the Packers need to be more consistent in the running game and in pass protection on offense, and in pass rush and pass coverage on defense. Given the Packers have a bye week now, you can be assured that defensive coordinator Dom Capers and head coach Mike McCarthy will be tweaking the schemes for the second half of the season.

Despite showing areas of vulnerability week after week, and taking years off the average Packer fan's lifespan, they are the only undefeated team in the league. They have yet to play a four-quarter game where everything is clicking. When that happens, imagine the fun! You almost will have to feel sorry for the other team. Almost.

So, enjoy your bye week. It's great to be a Packer fan!