Friday, September 09, 2011

Packers game 1 review: 42-34 over Saints

Alrighty, Packer fans, we have one win in the books to start the 2011 season for the Green Bay Packers. Yes! It was a shootout with the New Orleans Saints, to say the least. When the final score is 42-34, and there's over 800 combined yards of offense, that pretty well qualifies.

There were many twists and turns, including an outstanding performance from QB Aaron Rodgers, his corps of receivers, some key running yards when needed...and certainly some great defensive stops, including the final goal line stand. Yes, there were special teams breakdowns on coverage units; we've become rather used to that, sadly, over the years. But there was also that big kickoff return for a TD from rookie Randall Cobb. That type of thing we haven't seen much of around here since seemingly the dawn of time. (Note: exaggeration added for emphasis.)

There is a lot to chew on. And, frankly, I'm still digesting this game. So, even though I Tweeted last evening after the game that I'd have a game review here today...well, kids, not gonna happen. Need a bit more time to get it together. Hope you understand. And hope you check back tomorrow when I hope to have a review up for you here. I know, that's a lot of hoping go around, but it's something to hang onto, ya know?

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