Thursday, July 28, 2011

Packers release Harrell and Poppinga

In the current NFL funhouse, where what was thought to be one thing may turn out to be something else altogether, reports of DE Cullen Jenkins going to the Redskins seem to have fizzled, while others indicating that the Green Bay Packers have released LB Brady Poppinga and DE Justin Harrell seem to be solid. And, yes, LG Daryn Colledge has indeed been signed by Arizona, and the ViQueens are hot on the trail of WR James Jones.

With me so far?

Poppinga had a big motor which helped overcome average talent as a linebacker. He ultimately became a casualty, not unlike fellow linebacker Nick Barnett, of his season-ending injury last year; the Packers were able to find -- and win -- with other linebackers filling in without missing a beat.

Harrell was and is GM Ted Thompson's biggest draft bust during his tenure. An overall #16 pick in the first round, Harrell had been hurt in college and was a stretch at that slot given the injury history. He was never able to stay healthy and on the field. The Packers gave him every opportunity to get healthy, where other teams likely would have cut him several years ago. Having said that, virtually everyone covering the Packers from the inside, as opposed to those of us looking in from the hinterland, says Harrell is hands down one of the nicest young men you'd ever want to meet. He was the kind of character person and player that the Packers want on their roster. Unfortunately, character can't make tackles and the plug was finally pulled.

Thanks to both Brady Poppinga and Justin Harrell for their service to the Packers, and good luck to you in the future.

Undrafted free agents finalized
Initial reports two days ago indicated that the Packers had reached agreements with 16 undrafted rookie free agents. Today, final signings have been announced. They are:
  • WR/KR Antoine “Shaky” Smithson, Utah
  • WR Tori Gurley, South Carolina
  • LB Jamari Lattimore, Middle Tennessee State
  • C Sampson Genus, South Florida
  • S M.D. Jennings, Arkansas State
  • DE Vic So’oto, BYU
  • QB Diondre Borel, Utah State (possible WR in the NFL)
  • OL Theo Sherman, James Madison
  • OL Ray Dominguez, Arkansas
  • WR Kerry Taylor, Arizona State
  • LB Eli Joseph, Temple (incorrectly listed earlier as NT)
  • S Anthony Bratton, Delaware
  • FB Jon Hoese, Minnesota
  • DB Brandian Ross, Youngstown State
  • RB Brandon Saine, Ohio State
You can read brief bios on each of these players here.

Vegas sees Pack and Pats with most wins
A report out earlier today stated that the oddsmakers at Las Vegas' MGM Grand had figured the Packers and the Patriots with the most wins in the league, with 11-1/2 each...not sure how you get that half-game win but that's Vegas, right?