Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Underwood case still under review

WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee is reporting tonight that the Lake Delton, WI chief of police is stating that there isn't enough information for him to bring charges against Packers safety Brandon Underwood at this time for the alleged sexual assault that two women say occurred this weekend. The police chief said in a televised interview that at this point it's a "he said - she said" type of thing, with the two accusers having changed their stories and there being a lack of consistency.

The report went on to note, however, that the district attorney could still bring charges regardless of what the police decide to do in the case. The TV report went on to mention that money supposedly changed hands between Underwood and the two women. When asked whether the two women were prostitutes, the police chief said, "I don't know."

Josh Sitton, who was one of the players interviewed in regards to the matter and who was not involved, told his hometown Pensacola News Journal that Underwood didn't do anything illegal and the "allegations are very bogus." According to reports on WTMJ-TV, Sitton added, however, that something did happen in another room that was "stupid."

620WTMJ radio's Bill Michaels has a post on his blog that bring out new information from sources he has talked to. Specifically, Michaels reports, "Underwood will not be charged with sexual assault. The charge being considered is solicitation of prostitution. The two women who levied the allegations of sexual assault could be charged with prostitution."

Underwood's attorney also says his client will be cleared. (No surprise there.)

With Packers' OTAs open to the public Wednesday, and Underwood expected to be on hand, it might be the first chance we have to hear directly from him on this matter...or not.