Thursday, February 04, 2010

Favre's offseason planner

Yes, this has been circulating for a little while now, but just in case you haven't seen it, it's worth a chuckle: Brett Favre's offseason daily planner...
  • Jan 24 – Throw inexcusable pick to blow Vikings Super Bowl chances.
  • Jan 25 – Announce that “It’s highly unlikely” you’ll come back to play again in 2010.
  • Feb 1 – Get interviewed for Peter King’s MMQB column. Tell him “no decision” has been made, but “Deanna and I are going home to Mississippi” and give it some thought. Fish for compliments by telling King how banged up I am. Be sure to mention that this gets harder every year.
  • Feb 1-9 – Quality time with family. Also monitor the web for speculation about my future.
  • Feb 10 – Leak to John Clayton I’m retiring.
  • Feb 11 – Deny reports about my retirement.
  • Feb 15 – Formally announce my retirement in teary press conference. Don’t forget to say “I don’t have anything left” and “I gave it everything I had.”
  • Feb 15-19 - Keep schedule clear to watch “Brett Favre Tribute Week” on ESPN. TiVo same on NFL Net.
  • March 1 – Call Adam Schefter to start “second thoughts” rumors.
  • March 2 – Deny second thoughts.
  • March 15 – Dinner with Chilly.
  • March 16 – Call Minneapolis Star Tribune. Say “This is the best I’ve felt in 10 years.”
  • March 20 – Call in with “Mike & Mike.” Insist you’re not coming back but if you did you could compete at a high level.
  • April 22-24 – NFL Draft. Encourage Chilly to draft a QB because you’re done.
  • April 30-May 3 - Skip mini camp.
  • May 30 – Have agent call Zigi Wulf re: new contract.
  • June 1 – Tell Jason LaCanfora “I’m not sure” about coming back.
  • July 24 – Training camp opens. Go fishing in Lousiana.
  • Aug 24 – Sign record contract.
  • Aug 25 - Report to Vikings camp. Tell press “I’m here to win.” Say you don’t want the focus to be on you. Cry.
If it wasn't so true...