Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Favre retires...again

According to breaking news from, ol' #4, Brett Favre, is reprising his role as a retired QB. ESPN is reporting that Favre told his agent, Bus Cook, to inform the Jets of his decision. Some TV reports were indicating that there had apparently been an initial informal feeler to see if the Jets would release Favre so that he could have the possibility of playing with another team, likely the ViQueens. The Jets denied that request, apparently. (Thank you, Jets.)

Of course, Brett couldn't resist apparently sticking it once again to the Packers. According to the report, "In an e-mail to ESPN's Ed Werder, Favre indicated that he had no regrets about leaving the game with the Jets rather than with his old team, the Green Bay Packers." Read the rest of the article to find out more about exactly how much spite Favre actually had and has toward Packers' GM Ted Thompson.

From the sounds of things, Favre will not be holding Retirement Press Conference - Part II.

There has as of yet been no official comment from either the Jets or the Packers about this news.

One might also expect, given the loathing which Favre holds for Thompson, that as long as Thompson is GM of the Pack there will probably not be any willingness on Favre's part to participate in any Packer-related events, number retirement ceremony, etc. Too bad Brett can't get let go, as it will do him far more harm in the long run than it will the Pack.

Read the story here.

Retirement Advice from other QBs
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ran a great article several days ago in which it interviewed several former NFL QB greats regarding their transitions from the playing field to retirement, as well as any advice they might have for Brett.

In light of today's breaking news, you might find this article an interesting read. Check it out here.