Thursday, June 05, 2008

Packers have a backlog in the backfield

As OTAs continue in Green Bay, the offensive emphasis is on getting new starting QB, Aaron Rodgers, the reps he needs, as well as trying to get a pair of rookie QBs ready to be pro backups. As a result, the running backs aren't getting all the repetitions they'd like. That's partly due to the QB situation, but also a result of the fact that the Packers currently have a whole bunch of RBs in camp. Trying to spread the love around means that each back might only get a handful of carries each practice. That's tough when you are trying to come back from an injury or become more consistent or just trying to get noticed. Imagine how much more difficult it might be if starting RB, Ryan Grant, was actually around.

It's a good problem to have for the Packers. The Pack might still be one of the youngest teams in the league but, dang, they are sure gonna be talented again at wide receiver and at running back. The O-line will be solid. And if Aaron Rodgers can play most of the time as he did in that Dallas game -- yeah, without getting hurt right away -- the Pack could once again be a dangerous offense. It really is exciting to think about the potential.

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