Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tell us something we don't already know: Pack to retire Brett's number

There was never any doubt that the Packers would retire Brett Favre's #4. The only question was when. That was answered Wednesday when Mark Murphy, the Packer's new president and CEO, said it would happen sometime this coming season. Murphy was also careful to indicate that plans are preliminary at this point, with many details, such as at which game this will occur, yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

By the way, in case you wanted to know who else in Packers' history has worn #4, here ya go: *Vern Lewellen (B), Nebraska, 1925-26; *Herm Schneidman (B), Iowa, 1935-37; Chuck Fusina (QB), Penn State, 1986; Dale Dawson (K), Eastern Kentucky, 1988. The folks with the * wore multiple numbers during their years with the team, which was not uncommon in the early years. I guess you could say, looking at this last that, yeah, Brett kinda made that number his own. Ya think???

Monster Chillar Horror Theatre!

The old timers here will hopefully get that play on spelling...and the reference itself. For those with no clue -- not as in no clue at all, just with regard to this reference (never insult your readership!) -- it's a nod to the regular comedy sketch called "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" that appeared as part of the old classic TV show, SCTV.

So, what's up with that? Well, Packers' GM Ted Thompson finally made a free agent signing, a linebacker by the name of Brandon Chillar...get it? Chillar...get it?

Anyway, Chillar is only the second unrestricted free agent signing Thompson has made in the last two years, the other being defensive back Frank Walker who was a major dud and is now collecting a paycheck elsewhere. Chillar, on the other hand, has been a two-year starter for the Rams. According to reports, he took less money than he was being offered by the Rams and the Cardinals to play for the Pack because he wanted to play -- and start -- for a winner. Chillar will challenge current Packers' starter Brady Poppinga for the strong-side linebacker spot. That can only be a good thing. His agent, according to reports, indicated that Chillar understands he is not guaranteed the starting spot.

You can read more about Chillar here. That same story will also tell you that the Pack also re-signed two of their own free agents, tight end Tory Humphrey and fullback John Kuhn. Because both were exclusive rights free agents, neither were eligible to negotiate with other teams, and signed minimum wage contracts.