Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Barnett's Bust Redux

More information about Packer linebacker Nick Barnett's arrest early Sunday morning has finally emerged. Turns out, according to police reports, he pushed a woman down inside the Appleton nightclub. That earlier event was uncovered when foot patrol police came upon Barnett and another individual arguing outside the club. The victim and some other witnesses provided the info necessary for police to arrest Barnett for battery. Whether or not this is an instance of over-reaction or not, time will tell.

Time will also tell whether or not this incident results in potentially even more serious consequences from the NFL. Given the well-documented problems of several NFL players over recent years, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell implemented a new conduct policy which doesn't leave much wiggle room for the players. And that's what has the Packers concerned. Depending upon how things in this case actually turn out, Barnett could be subject to suspension by the league. That would not be good.

Players need to be smarter in their off-field conduct then ever before. And for some that might be asking too much. Barnett is a player who should know better.

To read more about this incident and possible consequences, check out this article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.